Dialogue with the Chief Executive on Youth Leadership at FM100


Published Nov 22, 2019

Key takeaways from the conversation:

Overall, there was a strong emphasis on meaning of life, career development tips and role of vision in career growth and success. Key themes emerged from this conversations:

  • Build up strong values -> giving is living (Lessons learned in Life, Book – Tuesday with Morrie, Author Mitch Albom)
  • Behavior and Habit helps in achieving successful life
  • Techniques to get motivated using FOGG Behavior Model
  • Role of individual Vision in social Change and development of our nation
  • Define Purpose of Life, always remember startegies come from purpose
  • Do your personal SWOT analysis
  • Accomplishments = Efforts + Luck
  • Warning signs in career
  • For right career decision three things to do:
    • Do your own audit (skills, knowledge, expertise)
    • Try to make your passion your profession
    • Preparedness & readiness (checklist, mock interview, etc.)
  • Whichever field you go in, do it differently
  • Reach the skies, but keep your feet on the ground

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